How to Increase Your Car Accident Settlement

After the immediate shock of a car accident wears off and you have received medical treatment for your injuries, your attention may turn to how you’re supposed to pay for all accident-associated costs.

If your injuries weren’t already giving you sleepless nights, then impending life-changing bills certainly could be. Therefore, receiving compensation from the at-fault party can be crucial.

Unfortunately, not all personal injury claims end in satisfactory compensation to cover the victim’s costs. If you want to decrease the risk of this happening to you, consider doing some of the following things.


Hire a Lawyer

Even if you think you’ve watched enough law TV shows to represent yourself in court, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a lawyer’s help and advice. Personal injury attorneys in Texas and throughout the United States are well-versed in calculating fair settlement figures and negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf.

If a settlement can’t be reached, they are also experienced in bringing your case to court and helping you navigate this unfamiliar legal scene to put you in the best possible position to receive the outcome you deserve.


Gather Evidence

To prove who was at fault in an accident, you generally need as much evidence as possible. Evidence can include photos of your car post-accident, CCTV or dash cam footage of the crash, photos of your injuries, and imagery of the scene.

Having witness statements may also help, along with medical reports and police reports. The more evidence you have, the harder it may be for the other party and their lawyer to dispute the facts of the case, and the more you may be able to claim for.


Get Medical Treatment

Adrenaline is our fight or flight hormone that can overshadow pain and discomfort. In the immediate moments after a car accident, it’s not uncommon to feel only minor or no discomfort, even if you actually have quite a severe injury.

Whether you feel okay or not, always seek medical attention either at the scene of the accident or immediately after it. Medical professionals can perform thorough checks to identify your injuries and ensure you get the treatment you need.

Alongside medical treatment being important for your health, it may also play an integral role in increasing your car settlement figure. With medical reports detailing the costs associated with your current and ongoing care, you can provide clear evidence to the courts and the person responsible that you were financially affected by the accident they caused.

These reports may also help make it easier for your personal injury lawyer to accurately calculate a settlement figure that doesn’t leave you financially disadvantaged.


Don’t Accept the First Offer

It can be tempting to accept the first offer you’re given so that you can attempt to address the bills that have started piling up. However, a lawyer and insurance company’s first offer is rarely their best offer.

Unless your lawyer believes it’s in your best interest to accept, go back to them with a counter-offer. You may be able to increase your car accident settlement by several thousand dollars just by saying no.


Stay Off Social Media

Lawyers representing the guilty party in your car accident are likely looking for ways to pay as little as possible. So, they might look past the car accident and see what incriminating information they can find in your personal life.

While your case is ongoing, stay off social media. A simple photo of you smiling can be all it takes for people to question whether your pain and suffering is as genuine as it actually is.


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