How to Keep Yourself Safe As a Motorcyclist

Motorcycle accident statistics in the United States are harrowing. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 67.08 fatalities and 992 injuries were reported in 2020 for every 100,000 registered motorcycles, and passenger cars were involved in 20,868 motorcycle accidents in the same year.

It can sometimes seem like you’re taking your life into your own hands every time you hit the road on a motorcycle, and it shouldn’t be that way. If you’re a motorcyclist and want to keep yourself as safe as possible, consider taking some of the following actions.


Take a Safety Course

Riding a motorcycle requires a different set of skills than driving a car. You must use your best judgment, make split-second decisions to save your life, and learn how to ride in sometimes-unpredictable conditions.

A safety course might ensure you stand the best chance of keeping yourself safe on the road. You can learn a range of practical skills and ensure you’re familiar with all road rules.


Wear Protective Gear

As time-consuming as putting on specially-made motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, and gloves can be, it can also be worth it when that protective gear prevents you from experiencing severe injuries. While you won’t be protected from impact in an accident, the best motorcycle gear can keep you warm and comfortable and potentially reduces the risk of injuries like road rash and abrasions from debris.

It’s also crucial to wear a DOT-approved helmet, which must meet federal regulations. Make sure you choose a shape, size, and style that suits your head and riding environment.


Always Obey Traffic Rules

The smaller profile of a motorcycle can sometimes mean some bikers think they can slip into gaps and make unwise riding decisions that put them at risk on the road. Keep yourself as safe as possible by following all road rules and riding predictably. Give way when you’re supposed to, stop at red lights, and only partake in lane splitting if it’s safe and legal to do so.


Stick to the Speed Limit

Speed is a significant factor in many motorcycle accidents. The faster you go, the less control you can sometimes have and the more injuries you can sustain when involved in an accident. Sticking to the speed limit might reduce your risk of speed-related accidents. If you are involved in an accident, be it your fault or another road user’s, you might experience less severe injuries.


Maintain Your Bike

Just as you would maintain your car to keep it safe on the road, you must do the same with your bike. Ensure your headlamps, turn signals, and brake lights are all in working order. It’s also important to check your stand, chassis, tires, and all controls. If you’re not competent to perform these tasks yourself, enlist the services of a trained mechanic.

Maintaining your bike might reduce your risk of poor maintenance-related accidents. Something as easy to fix as a balding tire can be responsible for a devastating accident, regardless of whether your actions caused the crash or not.


Seek Help From J. Alexander Law Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

These safety tips above can put you in a strong position to remain safe on the road. However, it’s not entirely your responsibility – other road users must also take responsibility for their own driving behaviors.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, it can be crucial to seek legal help. Some of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Texas, such as J. Alexander Law, can fight for your right to compensation for your motorcycle accident-related costs.