If you are involved in a car accident that involves another car, you may already know what to do. You might have relied on a Texas car accident lawyer to help with a previous accident, and you understand the steps to take for the best outcome. However, what if you are involved in a car […]

If you have never been involved in any type of accident before, let alone a truck accident, what to do next won’t come naturally to you. That’s why so many people decide to call a truck accident lawyer in Texas. They can guide you through the entire process, with you just left to focus on […]

One thing that can keep car accident victims awake at night is the thought that they might not get the compensation they deserve. They may have hired the best personal injury attorney in Texas, which undoubtedly helps, but other factors can weaken or strengthen your case, as well. If you are trying to figure out […]

Being involved in an accident involving Lyft or Uber may seem quite different from accidents involving private vehicles. However, you may be surprised to learn that they are not. In saying that, the claims process can look a lot different, which means the timeframe for an Uber or Lyft settlement may also differ. Read on […]