Shocking Semi Truck Accident Statistics

Semi truck accidents can be devastating, with many fatalities associated with them. Sometimes, they’re the fault of the truck driver, while other times, they can be the fault of a passenger vehicle or caused by a number of different factors.

Whatever the cause, any truck driving accident can be a horrible situation to imagine being in, and even more so when you learn some of the following statistics.


4,842 Commercial Trucks Involved in Fatal Accidents in 2020

Large commercial truckstrucks, which are any medium or heavy trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds and not including motorhomes and buses, were involved in nearly 5,000 accidents resulting in fatalities in 2020. While this is a five percent decrease from the previous year, it was still up 18 percent from 2011. Large trucks also accounted for nine percent of the vehicles involved in fatal crashes, four percent of all registered vehicles, and 10 percent of all vehicle miles traveled.


63.45% of Accidents Happened During the Day

It’s easy to assume that most accidents involving semi truck would happen at night, especially since truck drivers work long hours and might not be able to see all hazards on the road in nighttime conditions.

However, almost 64 percent of all accidents happened during the day, with the minority occurring at nighttime. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Statistics and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, most accidents happen during the day between noon and 3pm. This tends to be when more cars are on the road and during peak cargo moving hours.


68% of Semi Truck Accident Fatalities Aren’t Truck Drivers

While 15 percent of truck drivers do die in reported truck accidents, the majority of fatalities are car and passenger vehicle occupants. They make up 68 percent of all fatalities. Approximately 16 percent of deaths were motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.


Most Fatal Truck Accidents Happened On a Wednesday in 2020

While most fatal accidents happen over the weekend, that’s not the case for truck accidents. In 2020, there were 689 fatal accidents on Wednesdays, closely followed by 681 on Thursdays and 671 on Tuesdays.

It’s believed that most truck driving companies start to wind down by the end of the week and perform most of their cargo loads in the middle of the week. The more trucks on the road on these days might account for higher numbers of fatal accidents.


22% of All Fatal Crashes Were Single-Vehicle Accidents in 2020

Collisions between two vehicles is common, but it’s not the only way fatal accidents occur. In 2020, 22 percent of all fatal large truck accidents involved single vehicles. They also accounted for 16 percent of all injury crashes and 24 percent of all property damage. However, 62 percent of all fatal large truck crashes did involve at least one other vehicle.


A Common Precrash Event for 63% Of All Big Rig Fatal Truck Accidents

Big rigs don’t crash for no reason. There is always a cause, be it another driver, mechanical, the weather, or the truck driver. However, in 63 percent of fatal truck crashes, another vehicle, animal, person, or object being in the truck’s lane or encroaching on it was the pre-crash event leading to the accident. In 23 percent of accidents, a loss of control or the truck’s movement were considered factors.


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