Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Not only are they often unexpected, as all you’re trying to do is get from A to B, but they can also cause serious injuries. Shockingly, in all motorcycle accidents in the United States, 80% result in injuries or death.

However, knowing that legal cases can be long, arduous, and stressful, you might not be eager to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer when you’ve been involved in a collision with another rider or driver. Although, you might be more likely to consider it when you’re aware of some of the following benefits.


To Cover Your Costs

Even if you were lucky not to be fatally injured in your accident, you might still have severe or life-changing injuries. These can turn your world upside down and leave you unable to work and cover everyday living costs. The injuries themselves can also be expensive, with the average motorcycle accident costing millions of dollars.

If you were to navigate the intricacies of your accident on your own, you might walk away with an insurance settlement. However, personal injury lawyers can often calculate higher settlement figures and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. You might be able to cover more of your costs by requesting assistance from a lawyer than if you tried to deal with the claim independently.


To Save Stress

Any accident can be stressful, be it a car accident, motorcycle accident, construction accident, or another type. Not only can you be in a great deal of pain, but you also have to endure countless conversations with insurance companies to be compensated for your costs. There’s no reason why you have to take those calls yourself. If you align yourself with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can put your feet up and rest while your lawyer does all the hard work for you.


To Prove Fault

Proving fault in accidents can sometimes be challenging, especially when the person who caused your accident won’t take responsibility. Aligning yourself with an experienced lawyer can often be crucial for putting together a strong case that points the finger at the right person.

Lawyers can help you gather all necessary evidence for a successful outcome, such as medical records, photos, witness statements, and even testimonies from expert witnesses if your case has to go to trial.


For Expert Legal Advice

When you’ve never had any interaction with lawyers or involvement in legal action, you won’t have all the answers. In fact, you might just have many unanswered questions and no idea where to turn to find out the information you need to know.

Hiring a lawyer ensures that’s not a problem. Whenever you have a case-related question, you can contact them to find out the information you need.


To Receive a Maximum Settlement Figure

You might only be aiming for your lawyer to help you cover the immediate economic losses of your accident, such as medical bills, motorcycle damage, and lost wages, but lawyers can perform a more in-depth analysis to help you cover costs you might not have thought about or anticipated.

They can create a demand letter that calculates lesser-known costs, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, home modifications if necessary for your injury, and a loss of future earning capacity. If a family member is bringing forward a legal case on behalf of someone they’ve lost in a motorcycle accident, a loss of consortium might also form part of the settlement figure.


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