What Should You Do If Your Uber is in an Accident?

Rideshare services are growing in popularity by the day. Instead of taking the bus or walking, you can download a Lyft, Uber, or similar app and order a driver to pick you up. All you may be thinking about at the time is how you get from A to B, but have you ever thought about what you should do if your Uber is in an accident?


What is a Rideshare Company?

Firstly, let’s establish what a rideshare company or service is. Also known as peer-to-peer ridesharing or a transportation network company, they are a service designed to make getting to your destination simple.

A licensed driver can sign up to the app, become a driver, and pick up passengers in a set area. They differ from a traditional taxi service and are also a lot more affordable in many cases. People also prefer using ride share services like Uber and Lyft to save the hassle and cost of owning a car.


If You’re Involved in an Accident in an Uber, Who’s at Fault?

You may be surprised to learn that determining the fault of a car accident involving a rideshare service is not dissimilar from a standard collision. It also doesn’t matter if you’re the passenger or the driver of a car that collides with that Uber.

To prove someone is at fault, you have to establish that the driver owed a duty of reasonable care, that they breached that duty of care, and that you were injured and suffered damages. A Texas rideshare accident lawyer can assist with that.

Then, determining who’s at fault is down to the authorities in establishing the scene. The only difference between a regular car crash and an Uber or Lyft accident is how insurance plays out after the fact.


How Does Insurance Work with Uber, Lyft, and Other Rideshare Services?

Whether you use rideshare services often or drive for the service, it’s helpful to understand how insurance works.

A driver is covered by their automobile insurance policy while they are driving their car for personal reasons. These policies tend to exclude business use, which means liability insurance from Uber and Lyft kick in once that driver begins work.

Suppose a rideshare service provider is responsible for your injuries. In that case, their insurance provider may cover your damages and associated costs. Both Uber and Lyft have $1-million liability insurance, but that doesn’t mean you would receive such coverage.

The actual amount can depend on which period the driver is in when you end up in an accident involving a rideshare service.


Period 0  – the driver isn’t logged into their Lyft or Uber app. No coverage is provided, but the driver’s personal insurance may provide coverage. Contact a Texas rideshare accident lawyer to discuss your options.


Period 1 – the driver is logged into the app but doesn’t have a ride request. Both Lyft and Uber would provide liability coverage for an accident where the driver is at fault. They may cover up to $50,000 per person or up to $100,000 total liability for one accident.


Period 2 – The driver has accepted a trip and is on their way to pick up their client. The liability coverage increases to $1 million.


Period 3 – The driver has a client in the car. Liability coverage of up to $1 million is in place, along with limited coverage for uninsured motorists and the driver’s car damage.

Laws surrounding Uber and Lyft insurance coverage can differ from one state to the next. Talk to your local Texas rideshare accident lawyer for more information.


What to Do When You’re In A Rideshare Accident

Whether you’re the passenger or the driver, there are many things you should do at the site of an accident that can prove useful down the line.

  1. Call the police and file a police report.
  2. Don’t admit fault. Call a Texas rideshare accident lawyer.
  3. Don’t move your vehicle until requested.
  4. Get names, license information, witness information, and addresses. Take notes from witnesses to assist later on.
  5. Exchange insurance information.
  6. Take pictures of the scene
  7. Make sure everyone is okay and seek medical treatment even if you believe you’re okay. Adrenaline can mask injuries – and you can’t see internal injuries.
  8. Once again, don’t forget to call a Texas attorney who is skilled in handling Lyft and Uber claims.


Let J. Alex Law Firm Help If You’ve Been Injured During A Rideshare

Being injured in a car accident can be overwhelming in itself. However, being injured during a trip in a rideshare vehicle comes with its own set of problems. So don’t hesitate, contact us today. At J. Alex Law Firm we fight for what you deserve!