Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries – And What To Do About Them

One of the most exciting and efficient ways to get around towns and cities is by motorcycle. After all, who doesn’t love feeling cool air blowing through their hair and being as close to nature as possible while traveling on the road?

The problem is, accidents on motorcycles can have far more severe consequences than those in cars. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, here are some of your likely injuries and information on what to do next.


Traumatic Brain Injuries

Even though wearing your motorcycle helmet can provide an exceptional amount of protection, you are still at risk of traumatic brain injuries.

The NHTSA states that out of over 104,000 motorcyclists injured in accidents, 21 percent of riders not wearing helmets and 15 percent of those wearing them suffered traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, out of all riders who didn’t survive their injuries, a brain injury was the cause of over half.


Internal Injuries

Given that motorcyclists don’t have a layer of protection surrounding them as car drivers do, internal injuries are quite a common injury type. They are caused by blunt force trauma and penetration trauma and can be fatal.

Such injuries are often not avoidable, particularly if another driver, failing to give way, causes the motorcyclist to be thrown from their bike and into an obstacle, like a road barrier.


Spinal Injuries

The impact of a motorcycle can cause temporary or permanent spinal cord injuries. These can sometimes result in paralysis, which may lead to permanent disability and life-long pain and challenges.


Broken Bones and Fractures

Among the most common parts of the body to be subjected to broken bones and fractures are the legs, arms, and wrists. Often, the motorcyclist’s legs can be caught under the bike, or they use their arms and wrists to try and catch their fall.

Broken bones can require extensive surgery and come with lengthy recovery times. They may even impact the motorcyclist’s life permanently.


Road Rash

If a rider has been involved in a high-speed accident or they have not been wearing high-quality motorcycle gear, road rash can be a common injury.

It’s caused by skin making contact with the road, resulting in severe skin abrasions. These can be on the scale from mild to severe but require immediate medical attention. Motorcyclists with such injuries are at high risk of dangerous infections and permanent scarring.


What To Do About Your Motorcycle Injury

After being involved in a collision while on your motorcycle, you are liking facing one or several of these previously mentioned injuries. Such injuries can change your life forever while also causing significant financial hardship due to medical bills and time off work.

Fortunately, while you’re healing, you can request that someone else takes the reins. Reputable motorcycle accident attorneys in Texas can assist with piecing together the facts of your case and holding those responsible to account.

Texas motorcycle accident lawyers can also work on behalf of a family who lost their family member in a collision that wasn’t their fault. Their job is to:

  • Gather evidence
  • Establish the facts of the scene
  • Calculate losses connected with the motorcycle collision
  • Fight for your right to compensation


Ask J. Alexander Law Firm For Help With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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