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I am a former United States Marine. As a Marine, we are trained to win the fight. That same fighting spirit is central to every case we take on at
J. Alex. Law Firm.

We work for you. Our legal team specializes in accident and personal injury cases: our goal is to force insurance companies, businesses, and individuals to compensate you for your injuries.

We keep you informed as we pursue every avenue to ensure you receive the top dollar amount you deserve. It’s Personal. We fight for you at the J. Alex. Law Firm.

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Your free case review includes an in-depth conversation with one of our legal team experts. You tell us your story and we discuss your options in pursuing justice and financial compensation.

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It's Personal

We start with you: you tell the story of what has happened to you and your family. We offer a free consultation to get the facts.

We Fight For You

When you have been hurt, in an accident or by someone’s negligence, you need an attorney that will lead the fight on your behalf.

Our Legal Team Is Experienced

Our team has experience in every area of personal injury law. We have a proven track record that will get you and your family you powerful results.

You Are Stronger With An Attorney

Insurance adjusters, businesses, and people at fault don’t want to you pay a dime. Our legal team works to get you the maximum amount for your suffering.

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