How Long Do Lyft and Uber Accident Settlements Take?

Being involved in an accident involving Lyft or Uber may seem quite different from accidents involving private vehicles. However, you may be surprised to learn that they are not.

In saying that, the claims process can look a lot different, which means the timeframe for an Uber or Lyft settlement may also differ. Read on to learn more about the factors affecting the Lyft and Uber settlement process.


The Parties Involved

As a rule, the more parties involved in your rideshare accident, the longer a settlement can take to reach. There may be the driver, the company associated with the driver, yourself, and passengers and vehicles in other cars involved in the collision.

The communication process between all these groups can lead to a far longer settlement process than a standard car accident.


The Driver’s Role During the Accident

An Uber or Lyft driver does not spend their entire working day heading to and from pick-ups and drop-offs. They may have been driving home at the time of their accident, taking a break, or waiting for a fare.

This can complicate the settlement timeframe because rideshare liability insurance and private passenger vehicle insurance can both be required.

If the driver is not logged into their rideshare app, their personal insurance applies. If they are logged in, the liability cover can differ, depending on whether they have a passenger or not or if they are on their way to collect one.


Each Party’s Cooperation

With so many parties involved in a single accident claim, the timeframe can depend on how well each group cooperates. Fortunately, having a personal injury attorney or rideshare accident attorney can mean they take complete control of how this situation plays out.

In an ideal world, Uber, drivers, and passengers would all act quickly to provide information and attend meetings.


How Severe Your Injuries Are

In any accident, not just rideshare ones, the severity of your injuries can determine how long the settlement process takes.

Sometimes, car accident lawyers and insurance companies wait until the full extent of the injuries is known before calculating a fair settlement figure. They also want to ascertain that you are doing everything in your power to manage the recovery process.

The severity of your injuries can also become an argument point in a court case. A defendant may try to disprove the seriousness of your injuries to decrease your settlement figure.


Determining Who Is At Fault In a Lyft or Uber Accident

Determining fault in a rideshare accident can be a complicated process. Although, it may be made much easier and less stressful when you hire a rideshare attorney in Texas to guide you each step of the way.

As there are many parties involved, a clear picture has to be painted, and any number of scenarios can come to light. A rideshare driver may have been negligent in that they did not follow the road rules. They may have been speeding, failed to give way, or were even under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

However, the other driver may also have been to blame, doing these same things to cause an accident. Even rideshare passengers can be to blame for an accident. In this situation, the rideshare employee would need to explain what happened to begin the claims process.


I Have Been Involved In a Rideshare Accident; What Do I Do?

No one ever expects to find themselves involved in a vehicle collision of any kind. Therefore, it’s only natural that you won’t know what to do if one were to happen.

The first and most important thing to do at an accident scene is check to see whether everyone involved is okay. Call emergency services to provide medical assistance and allow police to handle the scene.

You can then request a police report, refrain from admitting fault, and call your chosen Texas rideshare accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer to advise you on what to do next.

It’s also essential to gather as much evidence from the scene as possible, such as witness statements and contact information, photos, and even video if possible. Ensure you exchange insurance information with everyone at the scene, so that resulting claims can be handled as swiftly as possible.


Let J. Alexander Law Firm Help If You’ve Been Involved in a Rideshare Accident

As you may now realize, several factors in the average rideshare accident claim process can determine how long it takes to settle. If you have been involved in a rideshare accident, contact us today to learn more about the best steps to take next.