The Dangers Associated With Semi Trucks

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Most truck drivers are safe drivers who care about the safety of everyone on the road. However, that doesn’t mean semi trucks aren’t dangerous. In fact, there are many dangers associated with big rigs that can lead to severe and fatal road accidents that change families’ lives forever.

Out of curiosity or because you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a semi truck, you might like to learn about some of the most common dangers below.


Blind Spots

While multiple cameras have allowed several blind spots to be removed, there are at least four major ones in the average semi truck. These are behind the trailer, on either side of the trailer, and below the truck’s cab. If a smaller vehicle, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or bicyclist is in these areas, they disappear from the truck driver’s view.

Many people have needed to call truck accident lawyers like J. Alexander Law for assistance after being in accidents caused by blind spots.


Insecure Loads

Semi trucks carry loads weighing tens of thousand of pounds, and these loads need to be correctly loaded, balanced, and secured. The cargo also has to match the vehicle and its tire size, which doesn’t always happen.

Insecure loads can pose problems for other drivers and even lead to severe and fatal accidents that can require legal intervention.


Improper Wide Turns

Many big rigs must make wide turns across multiple lanes to avoid hitting obstacles like electrical poles and signposts. While they might have signs that inform other drivers of their need to perform such wide turns, they also need to ensure that other drivers aren’t going to be in danger.

It’s important for truck drivers to wait for intersections to be clear and watch for vehicles entering into their blind spots.



Truck drivers work long hours, which can result in fatigue. Fatigue can lead to a loss of alertness, poor judgment, slower reaction times, decreased driving skills and falling asleep at the wheel. Small mistakes at the wheel of a big rig due to fatigue can have devastating consequences for the truck driver and other drivers on the road.


Not Allowing Adequate Stopping Distances

Large trucks carrying heavy loads do not have the same stopping powers as passenger vehicles. As a result, they need more time and greater distances to come to a complete stop.

However, not all truck drivers provide as much distance as they should between themselves and the vehicles in front of them. This can mean that if a vehicle in front of them had to perform an emergency stop, the truck driver would have inadequate time to respond, leading to an avoidable collision.


Aggressive Driving Actions

Truck drivers can be under a great deal of stress. Alongside working long hours, they are often under extreme time pressures to pick up and collect cargo. Sometimes, this stress can become too much to manage, and they undertake dangerous actions like sudden maneuvers, tailgating, and speeding. These actions could put themselves and other road users at risk, potentially seeing the need for a truck accident attorney.


Poor Maintenance

Through a lack of time, money, or poor business management, some big rigs don’t receive the maintenance checks and repairs they require to be safe on the road. Tires can blow out, brakes can become stuck, and fluids can leak out, leading to hazardous driving conditions.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, vehicle-related factors were the cause of 6% of large trucks involved in fatal crashes, with ‘tires’ being the most frequently coded detail.


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