Involved in a Car Accident in a Company Vehicle? Here’s What to Do Next

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If you are involved in a car accident that involves another car, you may already know what to do. You might have relied on a Texas car accident lawyer to help with a previous accident, and you understand the steps to take for the best outcome.

However, what if you are involved in a car accident with a company vehicle? Do you follow the same steps? There can be a little more involved, which we’ll cover below.


What to do at the Accident Scene

If you can do so, call emergency services to the scene of your accident and exchange information with the other driver of the company vehicle. Police may also ask you questions, and you may consult an attorney if the situation calls for it.

It’s also essential to immediately notify your insurance of your accident and take photos of the scene and damage. Seek medical help if you are hurt – or to rule out any injuries.


Determining Fault in a Car Accident Involving a Company Vehicle

As your car accident attorney may tell you, Texas adopts a modified form of comparative negligence, known as proportionate responsibility. This means that more than one person can be responsible for the injuries arising from your accident.

For example, suppose you were texting while driving when someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol ran a partially hidden give way sign. In that case, all three parties may share the blame – you, the other driver, and the city, for failure to trim trees and shrubs around the sign.

Based on your percentage of fault, you may be able to claim damages for the remaining portion of the accident that wasn’t your fault.


Working vs. Not Working

Because you were hit by a company car, there’s another thing to consider – whether the other driver was using the vehicle for personal or business use. Their company can’t be held accountable for your injuries if they were driving it outside of work hours or for non-work purposes.

However, if poor maintenance or a mechanical problem led to your accident and injuries, they may be held accountable. If they were working at the time of the accident, their employer’s auto insurance policy and workers’ compensation insurance will likely kick in for their driver.


Establishing Who Pays Your Medical Bills

Given the cost of health care in the United States, it’s quite important to establish who will be picking up the tab for your accident-related injury costs. Of course, that can depend on your collision’s unique circumstances.

For example, if you are insured and at fault, your insurance may cover their medical bills. However, if you are not at fault and they are working at the time, your medical treatment may be covered by the company’s insurance.

If the other driver was at fault but the company didn’t have insurance, there are a few options at your disposal. There is value in talking to a Texas lawyer about suing the other driver or their employer.


Get a Lawyer Involved

Car accidents involving company vehicles can be complicated scenarios with multiple parties involved. Depending on the accident severity and their company’s insurance position, many laws may also be relevant to settle your claim, such as insurance law, negligence law, and more.

Rather than try to navigate this complex situation on your own, it can be worth talking to your employer about hiring a Dallas car accident attorney to help with all aspects of the case.


Contact J. Alexander Law to Help If You’ve Been Hit By A Company Vehicle

Any car accident can be complicated, but even more so when they involve a company vehicle. If you’re not sure what to do next, contact the experts for help. J. Alexander Law Firm in Texas can offer a free case review, establish the facts, and put together a plan of action.