Why People Don’t Get Lawyers Involved After a Car Accident – And Why They Should

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For many people, it’s natural to call a car accident attorney in Texas after a collision. You don’t want to do or say the wrong things or do anything that might impact your ability to receive compensation.

However, some people are less inclined to call a lawyer and more likely to try and handle the situation independently. The reasons why that is may just surprise you.


Fear of Not Being Able to Afford a Lawyer

The hourly rate of a high-quality attorney can be more than many people have to spare. With that in mind, they may decide not to consider legal representation even when they are involved in a collision that was not their fault.

It’s important to note that some of the very best auto accident lawyers in Texas and elsewhere in the United States operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that they don’t get paid until you get paid. Getting reimbursed for their time ultimately depends on how hard they work to get the outcome you deserve.


Thinking the Defendant Has No Money

As the saying goes, you can’t get blood out of a stone. Many Dallas car accident victims may not worry about contacting a car wreck lawyer because they don’t think the guilty party has any money to offer as compensation.

Even if the defendant doesn’t have insurance or money available to compensate you for your accident-related costs, it can still be worth contacting an attorney. They may be able to offer alternative solutions, such as receiving payment through the defendant’s weekly wages.


Being Able to Absorb the Costs Themselves

Even though auto accidents can be expensive, with car repairs, medical bills, and time off work, some people have the means to cover these costs themselves. They may then decide not to worry about going through the legal system.

However, compensation is just one part of a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, the court case can set an example or at least hold someone to account for the damage they have caused.


Having Religious Beliefs

Given that you are taking someone to court to receive money from them, many people can see this as an act of revenge. They may even view it as vindictive. As painful as it might be to affect someone else’s financial situation, seeking legal representation is not a vengeful or vindictive act.

Instead, it’s an act that can prevent the same thing from happening to someone else while ensuring that you’re not out of pocket for damages that weren’t your fault.


Worrying About the Time A Court Case Will Take

Court cases can take a long time. Sometimes, they can take weeks, months, or even years to reach a conclusion – depending on their complexity. When you factor in the stress on yourself, your family, and your mental health, many people decide to opt out of going down this route.

While it’s true that court cases can take a long time, not every personal injury lawsuit will end in a court case. Often, two parties can come together and reach a settlement amount before it needs to go to court.


Horror Stories From Family and Friends

If your friends or family members have been in a similar situation to your own, they may be all too willing to share their negative stories with you. While not everyone will get the outcome they desire, or the situation proved too challenging, not everyone will be disadvantaged by their personal injury claim.

Surround yourself with people who will support you, lend an ear, and be the support network you need while the lawsuit runs its course.


A Lack of Legal Knowledge

If you have never been in a car crash before, then what happens next is not likely to be second-nature. There is no expectation for you to know what happens in a personal injury lawsuit – that job is up to your chosen lawyer.

Therefore, don’t let a lack of knowledge be a barrier to compensation. Simply contact a car accident attorney and let them walk you through the entire process.


If You’ve Been in an Auto Accident J. Alexander Law Can Help

There may be plenty of reasons why you don’t believe contacting a car accident attorney is the right move for you to make. However, when you consider the significant costs involved in the average collision, there’s every reason to consider utilizing a lawyer today to determine what they can do for you. At J. Alexander Law, we just want to help get you the compensation you deserve and help you move forward with your life. Reach out to us today for a free case review!